Complete guide to finances & funding for small businesses

5 Oct 2021

Applying for business funding can be an exciting, yet sometimes overwhelming, step in the business journey for any entrepreneur or business founder. Whether it’s government grant schemes or [business loans](, there are a lot of options out there in the lending market, and knowing how to navigate the options (and when) to access them is crucial for any SME.

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Are you a business owner looking looking to grow and need some extra capital to make it happen? Or could your business use a cashflow injection? Whatever the reason you're looking for finance, we are here to support you through your funding journey.

We've teamed up with Addition - the financial services team that supports small businesses by providing individually tailored financial support, according to their budget, needs and dreams - to combine our expertise and create the ultimate guide to securing small business funding.

Our guide walks business owners through the entire business funding journey and helps you navigate the different options available in the marketplace today. You can learn about the entirety of the business funding journey from:   1. Preparing your business accounts for funding approval 2. Understanding and navigating the application process 3. Choosing the right type of funding for your business needs 4. How to get the most out of your funding capital

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Getting started today

At Funding Options, we work directly with businesses and their trusted advisors to secure vital business finance. We combine our in-depth understanding of the business finance market with technology to find financial solutions that fit. 

If you’re interested in benefiting from our service, join our advisory platform, Connect. In partnering with us, you can leverage our expertise and pass the benefits on to your clients.

As long as the amount your client requires finance is between £1000 up to £20M, we can help. We’ll compare over 120 lenders specialising in different types of finance, including funding that is designed for specific sectors of the economy. 

Joe Morley
Joe Morley

Head of Unsecured Lending

Joe has worked in the alternative lending space since 2015. During this time he has helped hundreds of SMEs access millions in essential funding ranging from long-term asset-backed lending to short-term unsecured revolving credit lines and beyond. In his role, Joe manages and supports a large team of Credit Finance specialists.

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