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BCR Pool D Update: Q4 2023

12 Feb 2024

An update on Funding Options Limited's public commitments

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Funding Options Limited public commitments progress update: Funding Options successfully delivered two of its three outstanding public commitments during Q4 2023. As of the end of the period, it onboarded over 1,400 accountant partners by embedding its offering into Tide’s connected ecosystem for SMEs, exceeding its ambition of 1,000 accountants. It also exceeded the number of SMEs using Open Banking by 13% above its target of 50,000. The one outstanding commitment at the end of 2023 is the amount of alternative lending originated. At the end of the year, this stood at 89% of the overall target of £0.5bn and Funding Options expects to achieve this by Q2 2024.

Funding Options
Funding Options

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