Love your pet? Here are some pet business ideas to explore

17 Feb 2022

February 20th is *love your pet day* in USA. But why celebrate your love of animals for just 24 hours when you can do it all year round? If you’ve been considering starting a pet business, you’ve come to the right place. Kick off your new venture with one of these business ideas…

Cat being clippered

1. Pet sitting 

Pet sitting is one of the oldest pet business ideas in the book. With pet ownership among Millennials soaring in recent years, you'll never be short of clients (depending on how many budding business owners have already jumped on the pet sitting bandwagon, that is). 

Pet sitting involves looking after people's pets in their own homes while away. This benefits the animal because it means they don't have to get used to a new environment, which can be unsettling. You don't need formal qualifications, so it's a great place to start. 

2. Pet spa

Why not go a few steps further and open a pet spa? You'll need your own premises and equipment to do this, so it'd require a lot more planning and investment. As part of the spa package, you could offer grooming, nail trimming and pet massage. 

You don't need any legal certifications to be a dog groomer, but you should partake in training to show clients you're qualified to do the job. There are also other legislations to be aware of, such as animal welfare legislation, and you'll need to take out insurance. 

3. Pet marketing agency

Have you been working in the marketing sector for a few years? Now could be the perfect time to start your own business – and make pets your niche. Research pet-based brands – from doggy daycare agencies to pet food companies – and reach out to offer your services.

4. Dog walking 

If you've been desk-bound for a few years and fancy a change of scenery, a dog walking side gig could give you the boost you're looking for. Reliable dog walkers reassure owners when they cannot walk their pets themselves.

Check with your local authority before setting up your business to see if you need to adhere to any regulations. While insurance isn't necessary unless you employ someone, it's worth exploring as it can protect you if something goes wrong.

5. Pet photographer/artist

If you're a pet lover who also happens to be into art and photography, why not marry the two and become a pet photographer or artist? In 2021, the PFMA estimated that 59% of households have pets, compared to 41% in 2020. 33% have dogs, and 27% have cats. 

Who wouldn't love a portrait of their furry friend to keep for posterity?

You'll need the necessary skills and equipment to set your business up. This means a great camera, lenses, backdrops, lighting, props, and software for photographers. Client reviews are also very important for creatives, so don't forget to ask for one after a job! 

6. Veterinarian clinic

Qualified vets might be interested in setting up their clinic to treat sick and injured pets. One of the benefits of running your own business as a vet is setting your preferred opening hours and prices. It can be financially rewarding and generally fulfilling once you've hired good staff and invested in the correct equipment.

7. Pet physio

Pet physiotherapists' services are in demand right now.

Pet physios treat people's pets after an injury while undergoing rehabilitation or improving their general health and fitness. They work alongside vets to help reduce pain, improve mobility, prevent recurring injuries, and most are self-employed.

8. Boutique pet shop

People love treating their pets. So, if you've got a good understanding of the pet sector and its growing trends, opening a boutique pet shop could be a great business to pursue. You could sell luxury pet food, personalised toys, medical supplies and more. 

Don't forget about the eCommerce side of your business too. You could run an eCommerce website alongside your physical shop or focus on the website. There are many eCommerce funding options out there that you can use to purchase stock and hire staff. 

9. Pet food chef

Put your culinary prowess and love of animals to the test by starting your own line of pet food. Experiment with recipes before launching the perfect one, using your business' social media channels to market it. Be sure to study different animals' nutritional needs before establishing a well-stocked kitchen and making the packaging stand out.

10. Social media pet star

Instagram isn't just the domain of human beings – it's got its fair share of pet influencers too. Check out @jiffpom@itsdougthepug and @nala_cat for an insight into furry fame. If you accumulate enough followers, you can begin to monetise your account and transform what started as an experiment into a fully-fledged business!

How to fund your pet business

There are lots of ways to fund a startup. So many that we've written an article all about how to fund a new business. Whether you decide to bootstrap your business or apply for funding to get it off the ground, we're here for you. See what you could be eligible for today. 

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